PolluxCom CATV Signal Level Meter
  • Battery   $30  
  • Power Supply   $30  
  • Fabric case   $20  
Introducing PC6000 Digital Signal Level Meter:
PC6000 measures the signal level of an analog or digital channel based on a selected channel or frequency. It makes the installation easier and quicker to check eight pre-set channels at one time with PASS/FAIL indicator during the installation. The tilt allows a user to tilt up to five channels at a time and compare the level drop between any two. Channel plans can be created or edited for different area or system which makes the installation easier as a plan switch. PC6000 features 128*128 graphic display and computer managed tool (optional).
PC6000 is cost performance effective, give a try and let us know how do you feel....
5~870MHz Digital Signal Level Meter
Model: PC-D450
Model: $627
5~870MHz Digital Signal Level Meter
Model: PC-D350
Price: $430
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